Simbarashe Machiridza

Day 3

Understanding the Legal & Regulatory Implications of Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology

By Simbarashe Machiridza

  • How blockchain technology solutions fit with the existing regulatory regime
  • What shifts in regulation should be proposed to facilitate adoption
  • How can collaboration with regulators be optimised
  • Is it still to premature to discuss regulation?
  • What can we expect from regulators regarding Blockchain technology - where is regulation likely to go in the future
  • How regulators and operators can balance the fine line between protecting consumers and stifling innovation
  • What are the potential compliance, operational, legal and regulatory implications of Blockchain technology
  • How will the regulators initially deal with Blockchain technology
  • Should regulators agree or not? Blockchain technology is the perfect clearing and settlement solution? Why?
  • Could blockchain technology help the regulators foresee the next potential crisis, and how to react?

Sinclair Skinner

Fireside Chat:"Zimbabwean Decolonization Miracle: innovative economic disruption

By Sinclair Skinner

Moderator: Nigel Gambanga

Abstract to follow shortly

Tunde Lipido

Creating the Internet for Payments - How you can benefit?

By Tunde Ladipo

Abstract to follow shortly

Taurai Chinyamakobvu

How Cryptocurrency Can End the Nation State

By Taurai Chinyamakobvu

Abstract to follow shortly

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